Supplier Features & Benefits

Why PET?

We realize that there are other supplier management systems out there. In fact, you probably have at least one or two that you have to subscribe to already because your customer requires it. Face it, the reason that you are reading this is probably because one of your customers has required you to subscribe to PET.

With that said, what is unique about PET, is that our vision is to create a marketplace that everyone can have access to. We are marketing to all Buyers, both large and small, and Suppliers of every size. Our cost model is reasonable, affordable, and simple. Once you are in, you have access to all Buyers that join without any additional fees. 

If this grows as we hope, then at some point it will be the only supplier management system that you have to subscribe to. Furthermore, our objective is to continue to develop this service so that it helps you to better run YOUR business, not just help your customer run theirs.

Here are some features you'll find helpful...

Easily Share and Maintain Contract Price Lists

Immediate Access to Buyer Reviews of Your Company

Respond to RFQ's Quickly and Accurately

Respond to and Propose Change Requests Easily and Quickly

Export SOW's for Easy, Accurate Invoicing

Monitor the Status of the SOW from Work in Process to Work Completed

Manage Your Business, Manage Your Customers (Buyers)

Here are some benefits that our users have experienced...

The convenience of the cloud with its easy setup and maintenance.

Simple learning curve and online videos to get users up and running.

Better communication with the Buyer for more timely change orders and invoicing.

Issuing quotes is easier than ever with fast feedback from the Buyer.

Ability to more readily monitor contract price lists and have a history of any changes.

Exceptional management of quotes and work on a daily basis.

Suppliers Subscription Form

If you're ready to subscribe, just click on the link below.

Otherwise, contact us and we can answer questions for you to help you make a more informed decision about PET.