Buyer Features & Benefits

When you join the PET community...

What used to be difficult, will soon

become simple

What used to take days, will eventually

take only minutes

What used to be frustrating, will

hardly be noticed

You will...

Have the convenience of the cloud with its

easy setup and maintenance

Be linked to a network of Suppliers giving you

more options and oversight

Have centralized command and control to better

manage day-to-day construction activity

Sample features of PET service include...

Build a Statement of Work (SOW) from a Pre-Defined Master Task List

Accurately Plot Project Locations

Instantly View the Estimated Contract Labor Pricing for a SOW

Send RFQ's with One Click

Easily Compare Bids Side-by-Side

Meticulously Manage Change Requests as the Project Progresses

Access the Entire Project History

Our users have experienced the following benefits...

Better Understanding of Expenses

Improved Oversight of Suppliers and Employees

More Insightful Ratings of Suppliers to Flag Potential Issues

More Precise Time and Cost Estimates

Realtime Information to Feed Budget Plans

Enhanced Communication to Avoid or Plan for Project Delays

Greater Control and Monitoring of Change Requests

More Accurate Invoicing (less back and forth)

More Timely Payments to Suppliers

We look forward to speaking with you to explain more about this valuable online service that will change the way you do business.

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